Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Client Statement from Certified Rapid Resolution Practioner Tara Dickherber's Practice

Client Statement

"My name is Mindy. I am 39-years old. I have lived all my life being a very emotional person. Even as a child my feelings were hurt easily, and it didn't matter what emotion I was feeling whether it was anger or sadness, I would break down in tears. When I was 26-years old my husband of eight years was killed in a wreck. I was left with a 9-year old son and 3-year old daughter to raise on my own. After 13 years, it is still hard to trust anyone for fear of being left alone again. I recently got involved with a man who was going through a divorce, and I thought he was everything any woman could want. I believed in him and trusted him. His wife had left him for another man. After about four months of a wonderful relationship, one I didn't think was possible for me, he took his wife back and left me.

Not only was I dealing with that, but I started reliving all the feelings I had gone through when my husband was killed. It was extremely hard to get through a day of work without having a breakdown and crying. All of these uncontrollable emotions were coming over me, and it was affecting every aspect of my life. My sister had been to see Tara after a horrible relationship and had miraculous results, so I thought it couldn't hurt. I spent two 2-hour sessions with Tara and got rid of a lifetime of emotions that were holding me back from having a happy and normal life.

During the first session, I walked in the door a crying emotional mess. When I walked out the door I was ready to celebrate life. Her RRT techniques provided instant relief from my lifetime of emotional stress. I felt like a new person. I only wish I had gone to her years ago. I then had more issues with the man that had left me and other life issues going on and I went to Tara again. I am now able to better deal with my relationship problems, my job, my family and anything else that causes me stress in life. I have become a stronger person in all areas of my life, thanks to Tara."

Mindy is wonderful and a great supporter of Rapid Resolution Therapy!

Be well, Be happy - Tara

Tara S. DIRRT Certified Practictioner Sealickherber, M.Ed, LPC, Certified Rapid Resolution Therapist
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