Monday, August 20, 2012

More Ways To Market Your Practice!

We recently have had many inquiries in regards to the RRT brochure that was specifically designed for RRT Practitioners. The brochure can be modified with your photo and contact information. It is accessible at the Certified Practitioner Login at the Rapid Resolution Therapy site. Once logged in to the site, scroll down to Rapid Resolution Therapy Resources, click on Ads and Brochures for IRRT, then click on Rapid Resolution Therapy Brochure.

These brochures are designed for use by Certified Practitioners with the Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy only.  There are 3 files attached. Two are instructional brochures which indicate in bright pink where the brochure may be customized by the individual practitioner. The PDF brochure is blank and may be used as is or customized by the individual practitioner.

These brochures were designed by Aura Grafix. If you would like your individual brochure customized and printed please contact a printer of your choice or Eddie Malka at 954-304-0292 Let him know you are a Certified Practitioner with the Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy.

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