Friday, September 28, 2012

Guest Blogger CP Tara Dickherber: Stuff Versus Your Emotional Mind!

Most people think that's it's "stuff" (people, places, things) that cause them painful emotions.  Well let's look at it this way, it's our mind's response to stuff that is problematic and THAT's what CAN BE adjusted.

Like for example if a rabbit is hanging out in a field doing rabbit things and a wolf approaches, rabbit will become scared and run away.  MOST people would say that wolf scared rabbit.  But seriously does wolf want to scare rabbit?  Heck no, it'd be soooo much easier for wolf to catch breakfast if that rabbit didn't get scared and run away.  Here's another way to look at this scenario: rabbit sensed wolf approaching, rabbit's MIND created fear making it strong, alert, and motivated so that rabbit could run really fast and get away from wolf thus stop from becoming breakfast.

To be honest so many times therapy has been about complaining about stuff.  So much so that, this is what many potential clients expect; to come in complain about stuff, feel slightly better, and then have to come back a week or two later to get another little shot of feeling better.  The reality is that no therapist can change the stuff in your environment.  However this therapist can change your mind's response to the stuff in your environment.  

Accelerated sessions with Rapid Resolution Therapy can make those adjustments quickly, painlessly, effectively, and with long term lasting results.  In doing so I no longer have to offer weekly and bi-weekly sessions.  In fact most people only see me 1-3 times total.  Yes you read that correctly 1-3 times.  I've been questioned about after RRT my providing on-going counseling/ one has needed it.  Now I may refer out for marriage counseling, because I do not now nor have I ever offered that type of counseling. 

So if your mind is creating painful emotions as a response to stuff in your environment come in and get an emotional tune up!

Be well, Be happy-

Tara S. Dickherber, LPC
Senior Certified Practitioner in Rapid Resolution Therapy

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