Thursday, November 8, 2012

Certified Practitioner John Smith Guest Article - What is Depression?

What is Depression?
by Dr. John Smith, Ph.D, LCSW  
In light of several recent studies that show the harmful side effects and lack of effectiveness of antidepressant medications I have begun to rethink my approach to depression. Many believe depression to be a combination of psychological and biological factors that often leave a person in a debilitated state of functioning. People with depression often become hopeless and some are even led to suicide as a result of this hopelessness. I have had tremendous success in eliminating depression with Rapid Resolution Therapy.
A recent case of a 54-year old man comes to mind. He had suffered from severe depression for most of his life. He had been on many medications with little or no relief of his symptoms. He had been hospitalized at least twice and was giving up hope on ever feeling better. After just one session of Rapid Resolution Therapy he walked out of my office stating that "he had never felt this good in his entire life". He reported later that he was a "changed man". His depression had lifted and he had a new outlook on life. How could this be? I believe that depression (for many) is the result of the mind becoming "stuck" responding to emotional impressions left by traumatic or disturbing experiences.
Usually there is associated anger, shame, guilt, or frozen grief that accompanies the depression (or causes it in the first place). These emotions drain the body and prevent the mind from maintenance, repair, and natural healing. In other words, the mind and body are in a constant state of emergency and all vital resources are diverted to prepare the mind and body for survival. This natural response to a perceived threat is meant to be temporary, as it is in nature. In the case of depression, the mind and body remain in this emergency state for months or even years. With Rapid Resolution Therapy, the mind is updated and adjusted so that it can return to it's natural state. Once it has returned to this natural state it can move forward towards what is possible and beneficial. Natural healing, maintenance, and repair begins immediately and the persons "symptoms" disappear. The same immediate results are found with anxiety and panic as well. Relief is possible and available without painful suffering and without medication!
Dr. John Smith, Ph.D, LCSW, is a Certified Practitioner in Rapid Resolution Therapy. He maintains a private practice in the Los Angeles area, and he is also a professor of alcohol and drug counseling at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA.
You can visit Dr. Smith on his website at, or feel free to call him at 626-859-2696

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