Monday, December 10, 2012

RRT Study 2 Alert!

Greetings and Thank You to Each of our RRT Study 2 Therapists!

In the past month, Melinda or I have reached out to each of you by phone to see how you are doing with completing the study packets for your five clients. Many of you have been unavailable, so we left a voice message asking that you contact us via email (note that Melinda has a new email address) or a phone message (352-476-5599) to let us know how you are doing and alert us if you are having any problems. If you haven't done so already, please take a moment to reach out to so we can help if you are having difficulties or answer your questions.

We hope that each of you received the replacement address labels (with our new study administrator Shanley Lawler's address which replace the old ones addressed to Denise Smith) sent by Lynne. If you have not received these labels please contact Lynne at the RRT office at 1-800-587-2623.

A few folks have not yet had enough clients with a trauma who are willing to participate. Please be creative and perhaps volunteer a few hours at a rape crisis center or a homeless shelter. Others have been overwhelmed by personal challenges (family crisis, illness or moving) and haven't been able to start yet. Know that there is still time to participate in the study! We hope that by the end of this year each of you will have provided the building blocks for this foundational study. 

This study is our golden opportunity to provide the evidenced based research to take our unique, effective care to the next level of acceptance within the healing community. Our study is already generating interest at the individual therapist level (potential new RRT therapists) on up to health care corporations always looking for effective treatments. This small study is being done by ALL VOLUNTEERS and we thank each of you for your time and effort!

Article courtesy of Dr. Sharon Richie-Melvan, MSN., Certified Rapid Resolution Therapist, Colonel, US Army Retired. Dr. Sharon also co-authored the book, "Angel Walk: Nurses at War in Iraq and Afghanistan," with Dr. Diane Vines, Ph.D, Certified Rapid Resolution Therapist. Within the book, Dr. Sharon recommends Rapid Resolution Therapy as a PTSD treatment approach.

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