Thursday, December 6, 2012

Success with RRT!

I work in a community mental health agency in Pasco County, FL. Today I was booked from 8 am to 6 pm....including an Anger Management group! At noon, my schedule was blocked for 120 morning was running behind as I tried frantically to be fully present and get the paperwork done. My noon client hadn't checked in so I reviewed the file. This client was a woman I had met one time in her home through our Veteran's initiative grant at the request of the therapist working through this grant. My schedule was blocked, but I was supposed to be at her home, not in the office and it was pouring rain. It seemed like a good way to get out of the office at the time!
I rushed to the appointment and met the primary therapist there. The client is a 40-plus year old woman who had been sexually abused by her father and uncle from the age of 6 until she escaped the house at 16-years old. She is married and has an adult son, however the impact of the trauma was getting increasingly worse for her. 
My client was able to identify a specific incident from when she was 6-years old. She remembered being forced to perform oral sex on both her father and her uncle in the presence of her 3-year old sister. The threat was do it or she and her sister would be killed. Using Rapid Resolution Therapy I stepped her through the events that occurred and her symbol was the wind. The wind was able to blow the meaning her mind had placed on the event away. Her mind of course showed her the perfect symbol! At the end of the session she reported, "I don't feel anything about it nightmare is over."
I am so grateful for the RRT skills I have learned and the opportunity to use them with people who many times have given up hope that the trauma will ever go away.  
~ Elizabeth Dillon, M.Ed

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  1. Hi there! I have read (obsessively) about RRT since last night when I "happened" upon it online. (I do not believe in coincidence) I have so many issues I wouldn't know where to begin, some I think are so repressed that I don't remember them (if that makes sense. I am DESPERATE for help and am wondering if RRT might work for me. I think there are some practitioners in my area (Houston) but im so agoraphobic id need to KNOW I would benefit before sedating myself and asking someone to drive me there. Also, about how much does this therapy cost? im a single mom and also the cargiver of my grandmother. I just began seeing a psychiatrist who is helping me but just as I get hope, I lose it because I know that as great as he is, he doesn't have a magic wand and im so confused and blocked that I don't know what to say in our sessions. In summary, I was abused as a child, had to play the adult/mothering role to my mom, don't know my father (married a man 27 years older than divorced...doesn't take Freud to figure that one out, lol) I have had two sons die shortly after birth (one at a week old and the other at 34 minutes of life, the latter was a traumatizing pregnancy as I knew at 5 months he would die, but carried him to term) in October of 2009 when the "love of my life" broke it off with me (there was some emotional abuse there) I had a "nervous breakdown" and since have had severe panic disorder w/agoraphobia. To add insult to injury I had to move closer to my mom for "help" with daily life and there is some huge resentment there. Im not suicidal, but I welcome death. And lastly, I recently had problems with addiction. wow, so there you have this something RRT would help?