Friday, April 5, 2013

Final Call for RRT Study 2!

RRT Study 2 is drawing to a close with the beginning of April 2013. If you have submitted the pre-treatment assessments for a client and anticipate completing treatment and collecting the post treatment assessments within the next few weeks, please contact me directly at 352-476-5599. Otherwise Dr. Tom Dikel will begin analyzing the data submitted thus far, and the research team will start drafting the write-up of our results.

We are excited that our work has inspired newly trained Rapid Resolution Therapists to identify new research opportunities. Congrats to Chris Harris who now has the approval of his doctoral committee to conduct an evidenced based study of RRT. We also want to thank David Monroe who just completed a Level I workshop and endorsed how valuable his RRT training has been for his clients. David's recommendations to Dr. Rick Doblin of the Public Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University has resulted in an invitation for consultation on future studies. Many thanks to all who continue to make miracles in their practice and are willing to share their results with us!


Article courtesy of Dr. Sharon Richie-Melvan, MSN., Certified Rapid Resolution Therapist, Colonel, US Army Retired, and President and CEO, Crossroads Care, LLC. Sharon also co-authored the book, "Angel Walk: Nurses at War in Iraq and Afghanistan," with Dr. Diane Vines, Ph.D, Certified Rapid Resolution Therapist. Within the book, Dr. Sharon recommends Rapid Resolution Therapy as a PTSD treatment approach.

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