Wednesday, May 2, 2012

RRT Cleared a 12-Year-Old Girl of Sexual Abuse in Just One Session!

By Tara Dickherber, M.Ed, LPCCertified Practitioner, Rapid Resolution Therapy Executive Director, Institute for Survivors of Sexual Violence

The Institute for Survivors of Sexual Violence (ISSV) is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization, which means donations made to the ISSV are a tax write off, and well it's tax season! Any donations made to the ISSV go toward such projects as:
  • Providing services to survivors of sexual violence who could not otherwise afford such treatment.
  • Research in the effectiveness of Rapid Resolution Therapy.
  • Outreach toward organizations like rape crisis centers, domestic violence centers, and other mental health and medical professionals to spread the word about the power of RRT to clear, resolve and transform.
I could go on and on with statistics of survivors of sexual violence (i have done so in a previous newsletter. Let me tell you instead about a 12-year old I have previously worked with. For two years she had been cutting herself to the point where she has permanent scars. She was becoming more withdrawn and angry with her family and her friends. It was her second year in middle school, and she had been in to see her crisis counselor every day since school started back up. Her mother contacted me because she knew I specialized in survivors of sexual violence. Her daughter had just admitted to the crisis counselor that she had been molested two years ago by a stranger in her father's home. The crisis counselor immediately advised her mother that the little girl needed to undergo a psychological evaluation and receive intensive outpatient services.

Before I even met this amazing 12-year old girl I had already had a conversation with her crisis counselor. In her first session she was right there and ready to have the trauma of having been molested cleared and resolved. But right after that session I spoke again with the crisis counselor, school counselor, Mom, and a Department of Family Services worker. There were a lot of people involved in this child's life!  (And yes I had authorization to speak to all the people noted.)

She was scheduled for a follow-up consultation one week later. The day of her appointment I was contacted by the crisis counselor. Of course my thought is that something happened. Not true. It was because something wasn't happening. She immediately STOPPED going to the crisis counselor's office the day after her first session. The crisis counselor says to me (I had done my best to explain what it is I do with RRT) that never in her career had she seen a child change that dramatically after one session. She was in shock about the dramatic and immediate change in this child. I also had contact with Mom who thanked me profusely for giving her back her joyful, witty, smiling child.

We did have a few more sessions beyond those two mentioned. Here's a real word example of a 12-year old sexual abuse survivor who will no longer be haunted by her traumatic past all because of the amazing process of Rapid Resolution Therapy. This is a family who could not afford this treatment. Donations to the ISSV make it possible for more survivors to be transformed!

Be well, Be happy - Tara

Tara S. Dickherber, M.Ed, LPC
1360 S 5th St., Suite 394, St. Charles, MO 63301

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