Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Institute For Rapid Resolution Therapy Launches Its Second Research Study To Treat Trauma Survivors

The Institute For Rapid Resolution Therapy Launches Its Second Research Study To Treat Trauma Survivors
Interested Clients and Certified Rapid Resolution Therapists Needed For Study

The Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy (IRRT) announces the launch of its second evidence-based outcome study of the efficacy of Rapid Resolution Therapy(TM) (RRT). The study aims to scientifically demonstrate the effectiveness of RRT for the treatment of trauma, specifically with clients suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The study begins in April 2012. We are inviting qualified licensed and certified RRT Therapists across the country and their clients who have experienced trauma to participate in the study.Clients will be asked to complete several valid and reliable psychological instruments to measure both pre-pretreatment and post-treatment symptomology.

RRT Therapists are encouraged to contact us if they are interested in participating in this study. The study process, study diagram and application forms are available now on theInstitute for Rapid Resolution Therapy practitioner's website atwww.rapidresolutiontherapy.comClients seeking treatment for PTSD can get more information and find a certified RRT practitioner at

For more information about this study, please contact our Research Director, Dr. Sharon Richie-Melvan at 352-476-5599, the Research Analyst, psychologist Thomas Dikel, Ph.D., at 352-378-0900, or the Study Administrator Ms. Denise Smith at 215-471-1531. Other members of the research team include Dr. Diane Vines, University of Portland and Melinda Paige, Georgia State University and Executive Director, IRRT. We welcome all comments and questions about the study.

Rapid Resolution Therapy(TM) was developed by Dr. Jon Connelly. He is the author of Life Changing Conversations - The Power of Transformational Communication, which demonstrates that dramatic therapeutic breakthroughs can be facilitated in a single psychotherapy session. With over 30 years of experience working with individuals and training professionals, Dr. Connelly also is the founder of The Institute for Survivors of Sexual Violence, a non-profit (501C3) organization providing mental health professionals with state-of-the-art training in advanced clinical methods of eliminating the negative influence of trauma. You can learn more about Dr. Connelly and Rapid Resolution Therapy at either

Article courtesy of Dr. Sharon Richie-Melvan, Ph.D., Certified Rapid Resolution Therapist. Dr. Sharon also co-authored the book, "Angel Walk: Nurses at War in Iraq and Afghanistan," with Dr. Diane Vines, Ph.D, Certified Rapid Resolution Therapist. Within the book, Dr. Sharon recommends Rapid Resolution Therapy as a PTSD treatment approach (p. 97). 

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