Friday, May 31, 2013

"Your Eyes Are Healing!" How RRT Improved My Vision! Guest Article By RRT Certified Practitioner Jo Burleson, MA, LPC, RPT

By Jo Burleson, MA, LPC, RPT
Certified Practitioner, Rapid Resolution Therapy   

About 3 to 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Age Related Macular Regeneration (my term as I am convinced my inner mind will reverse it). At the Level I Clinical Hypnosis with Rapid Trauma Resolution Training in Austin, Texas in March 2013, I watched the video (for the second time) of the young woman who no longer wore a helmet or walked with a cane after an RRT session. My intuition pushed me to have a session with Dr. Jon Connelly and I scheduled it. I was already aware of his amazing healing presence.

On April 23, 2013 I had an appointment with my Retina Specialist, Dr. Williams. That morning I awakened with the thought in my head, "Your eyes are healing!" Just what I expected! The day was grey and overcast with misting rain, but I felt bright and joyous experiencing those spontaneous thoughts. Dr. Williams then said words I've never heard from him. I usually get a worried, somber look and hear, "Your eyes seem stable, come back in about three months." This time I heard, "Excellent, I haven't said this before but your eyes have reached the point where your vision would improve with cataract surgery!" Before Dr. Williams examined me his assistant checked my eye scans and exclaimed, "Your eyes look really good!" She is usually silent, somber and says nothing prior to his exam. I go back in August and my goal is to dissolve the cataracts by then.

While attending Level II in Austin, Texas on May 3, 2013, Jon used me to demonstrate Levels A and B trances. I continue to be amazed at Jon's healing presence as I am very sensitive to energy. In Jon's presence and in front of the group this continued my healing, and I noticed much healing energy permeating throughout the room. Awesome! At the end of the day, I returned to our room and my husband had a small laptop computer where he accessed my email. The print on his computer is very small, and I read it without my magnifying glass! I like reading without my magnifying glass. My heartfelt thanks goes out to Dr. Connelly for his vision of developing RRT and sharing his healing presence for improvement in my vision.

Jo Burleson, MA, LPC, RPT, RRT, has worked as a counselor for over 22 years and in private practice for 21 years. As a Level I and II RRT trained practitioner, Jo has a specialty in trauma resolution with many years of experience with children who have been abused-abandoned-neglected and in foster care. She does counseling for all ages specializing in trauma, grief and critical incident stress debriefing.
Jo has a miniature Daschund animal assisted therapy dog, Ayni Petra, registered as a Pet Partner for complex situations. Jo's child clients especially enjoy Ayni's playful, energetic, and loving spirit. You can reach Jo by email at

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