Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sherry Describes How Rapid Trauma Resolution Training Made Her a More Ef...

Mental health practitioner Sherry tells how her counseling practice was transformed after attending Dr. Connelly’s Clinical Hypnosis with Rapid Trauma Resolution workshop. Working primarily with drug and alcohol dependent clients, Sherry shares how easily it is to instill change in people and give them total resolution for when they leave. RTR has not only been effective for her clients, but Sherry said it has “breathed life into her.”

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Angel Walk" Book is Coming Aboard the U.S.S. New York Library

IRRT Certified Practitioners Sharon Richie-Melvan, Ph.D., and Diane Vines, Ph.D., R.N., have been recognized for their recently published book, Angel Walk: Nurses at War in Iraq and Afghanistan, which recommends Rapid Resolution Therapy as a PTSD treatment. Both authors have been invited to submit a personalized copy of Angel Walk to the library aboard the U.S.S. New York, the ship that was created using scrap metal from the World Trade Center attack on 9-11.

Angel Walk reveals the untold stories of the men and women who have fought for the lives of those wounded on the battlefield, Army Nurse Corps (ANC) officers. It provides a unique perspective into the hearts and minds of these caretakers; sheds light on their experiences, trials, and tribulations; and describes the lifestyle and living accommodations of these nurses and their patients. A retired ANC colonel, Dr. Sharon Richie-Melvan delicately retells the horrific stories of mass casualties, amputations, and death experienced by those deployed to a combat zone; voices compassion and empathy for those who are still caring for the wounded, and reminds us of the pride and camaraderie of being a military nurse. Throughout this book the authors reveal the joys, fears, reactions, and coping mechanisms used by nurses in the line of duty. As a nursing professor, Dr. Diane Vines identifies key resources, critical references, and explores how family members, friends, colleagues, and concerned citizens can better understand and help warriors and nurses in their reintegration back home. She also presents the full spectrum of coping responses from mild stress reactions to severe depression and explores the varied education and treatment programs now available to all returning troops.

To get your copy of Angel Walk today, please visit http://www.cleartrauma.com/books-articles.php.