Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Poem For Dr. Connelly

Dear Jon,

You began by sharing with us how in 1968
You put your life on the line,
And I knew right then you'd have our full attention the entire time.

You proceeded to tell us that most of what we learned and were doing
though well-intentioned was flat out wrong.
Had this guy spent too much time with a bong?
Yet the more you shared, the more sense you made,
and the more we "got it" our sacred cows seem to shift and fade.

Using acting, humor, science, and metaphor,
we began to see therapy as never before.
Even though sitting on the stool could get a little hot,
your competency, transparency, and encouragement helped us give it a shot.

Using acting, humor, science, and metaphor,
we began to see therapy as never before.
Even though sitting on the stool could get a little hot,
your competency, transparency, and encouragement helped us give it a shot.

Thank you for teaching us about connection, symbols, and trance
as you walked us through the steps of a strange new dance.
Helping us see through a different lens and try on clothes
that didn't seem to fit.
And realizing in the Here and Now, the woulda, shoulda, coulda's
don't mean Jack Shit!

And even though it hurt when we stepped on toes and you'd yell "wrong!"
Your persistent patience helped us move along.
With ducks in the water and where's the bread?
Most of it doesn't exist when it's all been said.

You wouldn't let us take any notes
and pay attention to rabbits, wolves, and goats.
We'll never see zebras and snowflakes quite the same way
as we go about our lives from day to day.

So thanks again Jon for sharing your wisdom
and once again putting your life on the line for us.
Thanks for a bedtime story of 4 little men.
We'll think of you fondly, and our group experience now and then.
Happy trails until we meet again.

~ David Cooper, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

IRRT Level III Training at The Award-Winning Glen Ivy Center and Spa - Los Angeles June 2012

Join fellow mental health practitioners, Certified and Master Certified Rapid Resolution Therapy Practitioners, and Dr. Jon Connelly at the Level III Clinical Hypnosis with Rapid Trauma Resolution training in Los Angeles, CA, June 1 - 3, at the famous Glen Ivy Center. Clinical Hypnosis with Rapid Trauma Resolution is an integrative approach developed by Dr. Jon Connelly that completely resolves the psychological and physiological effects of trauma.
Glen Ivy Spa

Practitioners will earn 25 continuing education contact hour
s throughout the three-day intensive weekend training. The Level III training is offered at the serene Glen Ivy Center, which includes the award-winning Hot Springs Spa. The spa is available at half-priced admission with your reservation at The Glen Ivy Center!

During the retreat, participants have multiple opportunities for one-on-one coaching with Dr. Connelly and his Master Certified Practitioners. The skills and concDr. Jon Connellyepts learned at the Level I and II trainings are honed within small skill-building groups with other clinicians.

Join us June 1 - 3 in Los Angeles, CA, for Level III training. For more information on the trainings, visit To make your reservation, please contact Lynne Frost at or call 800-587-2623.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa
Glen Ivy Hot Springs
SpaFinder's "Favorite Day Spa" and Reader's Choice for "Favorite Mineral Springs Spa!"
The Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa offers a wide variety of services including massages, facials, body treatments, pool access, sauna, mud baths and their famous Grotto!

Training attendees receive 50% off spa admission upon reservation at The Glen Ivy Center. Click here for more information on the spa and services!
The Glen Ivy Center
The Glen Ivy Center is a place for spiritual renewal that calls to the inner greatness and personal mastery of each person.
Glen Ivy Center
Lodging (Includes all meals):
Double Occupancy: $310
Single Occupancy: $380
Commuter Cost: $200
Certified Practitioners receive full-tuition waiver with active membership. Regular cost is $595.
Please contact Lynne Frost to make your reservation today at or call 1-800-587-2623. The Glen Ivy Center and Spa is located at 25005 Glen Ivy Rd, Corona, CA,

*All reservations must be made and paid for by May 18, 2012. For a full refund cancellations must be received by May 23, 2012.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Recognizing Our RRT Practitioners!

By Tara Dickherber, M.Ed, LPC
Certified Practitioner, Rapid Resolution Therapy

This summer I have been fortunate enough to assist Dr. Jon Connelly with several trainings. In doing so I have had a chance to meet so many great therapists and catch up with many of my RRT buddies. I just wanted to take the opportunity to remind our newsletter readers of the many great things going on with some of our RRT therapists.
Angel Walk

First let me revisit Dr. Sharon Richie-Melvan and Dr. Diane Vines' book Angel Walk. This book is written about the men and women who fought for the lives of our wounded soldiers, the effects war has had on all, and how those effects can be treated; of course Rapid Resolution Therapy is noted in this book since both Sharon and Diane are RRT Certified Practitioners.

Transforming Traumatic Grief
Currently I am reading Courtney Armstrong, M.Ed, LPC's book "Transforming Traumatic Grief Six Steps to Move From Grief to Peace After the Sudden or Violent Death of A Loved One." Again RRT is weaved throughout this book. I just can't help but be amazed by our RRT authors. And I know there are other RRT therapists out there writing books, soon to be published!

Also let's not forget how Mark A Chidley, LMHC, CAP and Courtney Armstrong, M.Ed, LPC have been on radio stations around the country lately taking about a variety of topics, too many to name each one. And last, but certainly not least Dr. Sharon Richie-Melvan and Dr. John Smith are actively seeking pro-bono work for our veterans.

I'm just really excited for all the amazing stuff going on, and I'm honored to know these people and be able to call them my friends!

Be well, Be happy - Tara

Tara S. DIRRT Certified Practictioner Sealickherber, M.Ed, LPC

Certified Rapid Resolution Therapist


2081 Collier Corporate Parkway

St. Charles, MO 63303

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Become a Published Author!

Volunteer IRRT Book Contributors and Military Interest Groups
By Sharon Melvan-Richie, Ph.D.
Certified Practitioner, Rapid Resolution Therapy

"Book of Hope" Contributors:

For each of you who has a story to share please know that YES we can do this!! If that is intimidating for you, know that we will be building our book in bite size pieces. If you'd like to share a story, I would love to hear from you. Please let me know your intention of the types of stories you will be submitting.

· Changed Lives: client story by diagnosis such as depression, frozen grief, addictions/cravings, anxiety etc. and or your own personal story if you have been treated.

· Changes Clinical Practices: stories about specific practices such as in-patient facilities (ie., Beachcomber; Palm Partners); Child and Adolescent work

· Changed Education and Training Practices: we'll have a general description of the trainings but we need testimonials of how the training effected you personally from Level 1 and 2; Certification benefits with twice Monthly Case Studies and conference calls; Retreats, and Master Certified level benefits.

Your intention can just be a statement, an outline or a first draft depending on how fast you work. The subsequent updates from you will flush out your first thoughts so that soon we will have a working draft of your contribution. We always have time to edit and refine it later, so just get the words down on paper. You can also change your mind, add or delete as you are comfortable. If this is your first time writing, remember that the first hour you wake up is the golden creative time so heed that call when your eyes open. If you get stuck, try using sticky notes with ideas and then move them around until you know the order in which to write something.

Welcome to our IRRT Book Team! Remember that we are on a mission to change lives by giving them hope for a better tomorrow. Know that you can always contact me at 352-476-5599 or if you are stuck!

IRRT Military Interest Group:

I am looking to hear from two groups focused on our active duty military and veterans; those who want to volunteer pro bono hours to see military clients and those want to speak to military groups (potential clients). Once I know your intention, I can help get you to the next step. For the pro bono therapists, I will send you info about the "Give an Hour" program and info about these special clients. For the military speakers' program, I will provide you with the contact information for your local chapter of your Military Officers' Association of American. If you are interested, please contact me at or on my cell at 352-476-5599.

Dr. Sharon Richie-Melvan, Ph.D., is a Certified Rapid Resolution Therapist. Dr. Sharon also co-authored the book, "Angel Walk: Nurses at War in Iraq and Afghanistan," with Dr. Diane Vines, Ph.D, Certified Rapid Resolution Therapist. Within the book, Dr. Sharon recommends Rapid Resolution Therapy as a PTSD treatment approach (p. 97). To purchase your copy today, please click here.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Rapid Resolution Therapist Emilio Jimenez Special Guest on the Dr. Carol Show 9/12

Rapid Resolution Therapist Emilio Jimenez, M.A., LPC, will be a featured guest on the Dr. Carol Show this Monday, Sept. 12, from 3 - 4 p.m.

During the show, Emilio will speak to the effects and recovery of trauma through a Rapid Trauma Resolution lens. Another exciting tribute to RRT. Tune in here to listen to Emilio's one-hour show!

Emilio Jimenez, MA, LPC
National Counseling Center
10001 Westheimer Rd., Suite 2115
Houston, Texas 77042
(713) 581-1008

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Taking A Detour: The Institute for Survivors of Sexual Violence

By Tara Dickherber, M.Ed, LPC
Certified Practitioner, Rapid Resolution Therapy

Typically I write about clients I have worked with, but this month I want to take you on a little side journey. Have you ever done that on a road trip where you made a turn based on a whim and ended up getting to see some really wonderful sights or meeting some amazing people? Well recently I was asked to take what might be called a little scenic side route into the Institute for Survivors of Sexual Violence(TM) (or ISSV for short). To be honest, I was asked to be the Executive Director for the ISSV. If you've not heard about the ISSV it is a non-profit organization (501C3) dedicated to healing the effects of sexual violence both by providing training in advanced clinical methods of trauma resolution and by providing trauma-informed treatment to survivors without access to financial resources. It has become not only my job but a part of my mission and vision to take the ISSV and breathe life into it. Isn't there a saying somewhere by someone..."Go big or go home!"

I see the big picture created by the ISSV Founder Dr. Jon Connelly. At this point I'm mapping out the steps, which seem small, to get us to that very big and bright picture. One thing that is completed and available is the ISSV Facebook page. Please stop by and "Like" us! I have created the website, and it is now in the hands of my website designer; looking to see a mock up of the website within the next week. I have several other projects for the ISSV and have many more rambling inside my head. Last I want to mention this beautiful bracelet designed by Farrielle Design where all proceeds from the purchase of this bracelet will go directly to the ISSV.

Be well, Be happy - Tara

Tara S. DIRRT Certified Practictioner Sealickherber, M.Ed, LPC

Certified Rapid Resolution Therapist


2081 Collier Corporate Parkway

St. Charles, MO 63303