Monday, November 21, 2011

RRT: An Innovative Approach For Healing Trauma

Rapid Resolution Therapy is my treatment of choice when it comes to clearing the negative effect of traumatic memories. This innovative method was developed by Dr. Jon Connelly and often yields results in just 1-3 sessions.

Below are some of the elements of RRT that I love:

1. Start with the solution
In RRT, you start by creating a symbolic image of your desired way of thinking, feeling, and responding. We use elements of hypnosis to get your mind responding even more to this image and experience this desired response in a deep sensory way.
2. Stay emotionally present
The above process has the effect of creating a positive space where you can feel okay staying connected to the present moment. Then, we use a process that will cause your mind to pinpoint the exact event to be cleared and reprocessed. You will be able to describe just the factual details of the event while remaining emotionally present to the current experience. You do not have to emotionally re-experience or relive the event. There are some neuroscience discoveries that suggest why this practice of staying present works so well to clear the emotional intensity of a traumatic memory. For more info, see my post on Neuroscience and RRT.

3. Use of playfulness and humor
Dr. Connelly is masterful at using play and humor to diffuse fear, anger, and shame. We make new associations through use of humor and games that reach the deeper level of the mind and create emotional shifts. Clients who came in crying, are able to laugh and find joy. Many clients tell me that they actually had "fun" during their RRT session and were so happy it was not a painful experience.

4. Use of metaphor and stories
In RRT we use lots of stories and metaphors to activate new ways of thinking about things and perceiving yourself.One of my favorite metaphors is to consider that who you are is not your body, your thoughts, or your beliefs. Let's think of who you really are is a being of Light at your center. A Light of peace, wisdom, and excitement. Nothing can harm a beam of light. Someone can shoot at a light beam, curse at a light beam, or try to chop it with an axe. Yet, that Light keeps on shining. It is resilient, clean, and clear. Someone may have messed with your body, but they didn't touch that Light. That "Light" can only be touched by love that you welcome.

If you want to learn more about RRT, you can visit Dr. Connelly's website at and check out our training video!

Courtney Armstrong is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in trauma therapy and has a practice in Chattanooga, TN. She leads workshops for mental health professions in Rapid Resolution Therapy and other creative therapeutic approaches. To contact Courtney, visit her website at Visit Courtney's blog at

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