Monday, March 5, 2012

“One Starfish at a Time” – An RRT Success!

“Immediately after training with you, Jon, I realized that Rapid Resolution Therapy would change the way I thought about the world. I no longer saw trauma or my clients the same way. But when I went back to work and used what you taught me, I realized that I could help children with their deepest fears and wounds, and I would never work the same way again.

I have never gone back to my old way of working. That was almost 8-years ago, and I still have the same feeling. Just last week a little girl told me, “Ms. Molly, I feel like I can breathe again.” One starfish at a time, Jon. Thank you for changing the world through your work and for being such an inspiration!”

~ RRT Master Certified Practitioner, Molly Sanford, LCSW

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