Monday, June 25, 2012

How RRT Cleared My Client's Height Phobias

By Gayle Skovran, LCSW-RCertified Practitioner, Rapid Resolution Therapy 

Yes, yes. Amazing!

Phobias and RRT had been fairly new to me as I had only treated one patient with a phobia with only fair success and then a break in treatment.

When having an inquiry from a middle aged man for RRT to clear his height phobia, I hesitated and then remembered that I do not offer guarantees and that he called requesting treatment, which is what I do. With much support, encouragement, and some RRT "story" sharing from my fellow CP's, the results were amazing!

Robert came into my office hesitant and apprehensive. Within minutes.....we connected! He described a life filled with missed events, missed fun, and now the opportunity to retire, sell his house, and move to his wife's dream apartment on the fifteenth floor of a high-rise building, overlooking beautiful woods.

He had stayed away from windows at his work for many, many years often having to use different hallways and entry ways to get to different parts of his office. He had missed hikes in the mountains with his wife, changed vacation plans, giving up his love of adventure (low height, flat land adventure!).

Bridges had been avoided making transportation very challenging. After many stories explaining anxiety sensations and the disassembly process, Robert was amazed at his ability to calm himself!

I cleared some trauma "ghosts" (he had been held and dangled out of a window by a neighbor he was fond of) while keeping him present and imagining the beauty of the view from a local bridge.

Changing identity was so powerful for him that the whole thing was "done" in 45 minutes! How exciting! I always know when things are "done" when the patient begins to look different- sometimes as if they could be their own sister or cousin. Their face changes, affect changes, and appearance changes. Then my energy changes and I am fueled by their change!

Robert's parting comments were "Gayle, you are terrific," and "I cannot wait to go home and have that apartment where I can stand on our balcony, looking high over those beautiful trees, feeling the sun on my face."

What a charge for me! 

Gayle Skovron, LCSW-R, has been in practice for over 20 years working with all ages including young children. A graduate of Fordham University, Gayle is trained and certified in several modalities of psychotherapy including Rapid Resolution Therapy. RRT has had an incredible impact on her life both professionally and personally. Gayle has offices in both New York and Connecticut and can be reached by email at or by phone at 914-450-2413. For more information please visit

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