Friday, January 25, 2013

Clearing Substance Cravings

 By Dr. Jon Connelly

I am very interested in making it possible for people to stay on track and live drug free, so I interviewed hundreds of people who had relapsed. Some relapsed after only a day or two clean, but others had acquired 20 and even 30 years of clean time. I asked people what was going on so that I could understand the causes of relapse. Some of the people told me about unhappy things that had been happening in their lives, but others told me about things that were happy. Many people also told me that life was just going along and that there wasn't anything particularly happy or unhappy when they relapsed.

I just couldn't make sense of it, so I re-interviewed these people. I asked them this question: When you did the behavior or substance that led to the relapse were you planning to reactivate your addiction? 

The answer I got was quite interesting. No, these people were not planning to reactivate their addiction. In fact they were planning NOT to. Even while taking the drink or using the drug, they were planning what they would do later that would have them back on track. I learned what the problem actually was. It has nothing to do with having a bad time in life or bad things happening. It had to do with only one problem. The processes I teach to clear substance cravings expose the real cause of relapse so that the client will never again be ambushed by a relapse. Further, these processes eliminate the possibility of relapse happening in the future as well.

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