Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Grow Personally and Professionally at the Spring 2013 Heal The Healer Retreat in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Master Practitioner, Rapid Resolution Therapy 

There are many training institutes focused on research and training for mental health clinicians, but none of these include a community of skilled healers, like the IRRT, gathered in the interest of personal and professional growth for themselves and others. Seven years ago I began as an RRT practitioner and remember the clinicians, Deb Barham and Gloria Payne, who patiently sat with me as I stuttered and stumbled in the early days of my training. 

Now RRT language has become second nature to me. As I immerse myself in the art of creating a transformative experience for my clients, I'm still amazed at the healing that happens. I am grateful to Deb and Gloria for those early moments in my training and am committed to creating that same space for other practitioners to learn and grow as RRT practitioners. Everyone of us can do this work! 

Jon has gifted us with a healing language tailored to emotional and physical wellness and honed over 30 years in clinical practice with thousands of participants. The IRRT has been created to support you and your learning on your journey to mastering your craft.   

Please feel free to reach out for support as you learn this special way of healing others. Molly, Courtney, Sharon, Elizabeth and I are a phone call or email away. We are also gathering for our second Heal the Healer Retreat in March 2013 and will do so every six months in a fun and relaxing environment to care for each other and ourselves and provide a supportive space to grow your skills. I look forward to hearing you on the next conference call and can be reached at cleartrauma@gmail.com and 561-284-4357




  • Early Registration before 2/22/13: $450                      
  • Late Registration after 2/22/13: $550          
  • (Travel & Accommodation cost separate)  
  • The Breakers of Ft. Walton Beach
  • 381 Santa Rosea Blvd., Ft. Walton Beach, FL
  • www.breakersfwb.com 
  • To reserve a condo, please call 850-244-9127and use the group #62403 for the discounted rate. 
If you have any questions, please contact Michelle at Crossroads Care, LLC. For more information on the Heal The Healer Retreat, please click here.

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