Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why Checking The Baseline Is Key! Guest Article By RRT Certified Practitioner Lindy Ariff, MSW, CHt

Certified Practitioner, Rapid Resolution Therapy 

I didn't fully understand how important baseline visual metaphors were until this past week. Last week at the Level 3 training I was watching a video where Dr. Connelly was "erasing" a baseline visual and then suddenly the light went on, and I got it! The baseline isn't just for checking our work and I'm not just looking for any change; I'm looking for something major so I know I got it done.

This epiphany proved true twice this week. I had one client who has been struggling with a sugar addiction for as long as she can remember, and in 1 hour, through a variety of techniques, we went in and completely dissolved the design. I mean, just gone. When she checked back on the sugar cravings she said, "Wow, it's like I don't care at all, I'm completely indifferent, it's like, WHATEVER!" And I knew with full confidence that we'd made a major shift happen.

Even more profound was a recent session where I had with a young, non-combat Veteran. He was filled with a tremendous amount of anxiety, guilt and shame due to his role in decisions made in the military. With a combination of clearing trauma, moralistic view wedging, anxiety education application ("Right now I have a sensation in my chest, right now!"), I had him feeling great with his baseline down to "nothing, it's like a blank wall." 
Upon further discussion he admitted, that although he couldn't put a finger on it, there was just a little bit of guilt left. So I put him through another induction, this time with a pinball dropping, dam breaking, water flowing process. After we were done, I asked him to bring up the guilt, and he said he couldn't, no matter how hard he tried. So for a final time, I asked about his baseline. He was literally glowing and said, "It's totally different now; It's red, white and blue."

Red, white, and blue!!! I am so excited about Rapid Resolution Therapy and the work we are all passionately doing to positively shape so many people's lives! Keep up the good work everyone! :-)
With Gratitude - Lindy

Lindy Ariff, MSW, RRT, CHt
Santa Monica, California

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