Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Domino Effect

By Tara S. Dickherber, LPC

I recently have become very aware of how when one person experiences a traumatic situation it can actually have a mildly traumatic domino effect on other family members. What's wonderful though is how there is a tight network of Certified Rapid Resolution therapists willing to help heal as many family members as possible, and that's what I would like to speak about today.

There is a teenage girl, here in Missouri, who was molested by an older cousin when they were both much younger. Her teen mind repressed those memories to protect her and allow her to continue on with her everyday life. In just the past few months those memories were slammed back into her awareness and greatly impacted other aspects of her life. She then told her mother. Mother, being unsure how to make things better for her daughter, took her to counseling. Unfortunately, the teenager left counseling feeling worse rather than better.

Mom, with the daughter's knowledge and agreement, spoke to her grandma in another state about her concerns for the teenager and how this was also affecting her. This in effect created some problematic emotions and behaviors for grandma. Grandma spoke to her family physician who referred her for counseling with Dr. Jason Quintal, Ph.D., LCSW, who also happens to be a Master Certified Rapid Resolution Therapist. After an initial phone consultation with grandma discussing the benefits of RRT versus other forms of counseling, Dr. Quintal agreed to speak to mom.

Dr. Quintal spoke with mom about her concerns for her daughter, counseling, and herself. Mom also had sought counseling and left feeling worse rather than better. Dr. Quintal noted where the daughter and mom lived and made a referral to me. I happen to be one of only two therapists in Missouri certified in RRT. Mom was given different websites to review so she could better understand RRT and its benefits. Later that very day she called and spoke to me personally.

As Dr. Quintal had done previously, I was very willing to provide a phone consultation to answer any questions she had, address any concerns, and calm the many fears she expressed for herself and her daughter. One of the biggest concerns was how this would impact their entire family.

Eventually mom scheduled an appointment for the teenage daughter. Both women came together and the teenager was very willing to let mom stay with her for the majority of the session. Daughter had many concerns about many things that linked back to the molestation she survived nearly 10 years previously. She came in with a lot of anxiety and anger and left with amazing clarity, understanding, and peace about the situation as a whole. This all happened in a relatively short period of time with little to no emotional discomfort for her.

Later mom contacted me with some family concerns. Again I offered up as much suggestions and knowledge as I was able, suggesting that she herself make an appointment. As I write this today, mom has already come in to see me. Very quickly I was able to clear out her anxiety, guilt, and sadness about the various problematic concerns she had expressed. And just like with her daughter, it was a fairly short and sweet session. She also excitedly informed me that grandma has an appointment scheduled with Dr. Quintal.

What's great about being a RRT therapist is the profound change that can be made within my clients in as little as one session and with virtually no emotional pain or discomfort. With so many of us working together, we are able to not only heal individuals but families as well!

Tara S. Dickherber, LPC, CertifiedIRRT Certified Practictioner Seal Rapid Resolution Therapist


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  1. Great story, Tara. Trauma does impact all members of a family. It's good to have a team coast to coast to take care of this stuff with RRT!