Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thank You To Certified Practitioner Kathleen Gierhart! Another RRT Success!

I’d like to give a shout out of praise and thanks to Certified Rapid Resolution Therapist Kathleen Gierhart, LMHC, for submitting a very interesting case study chapter that will be included in our soon to be published RRT Book of Hope and Healing.

Here is an excerpt:

“She had been living alone in the camper while her partner moved away to start a new job with the idea she would join him in a few months. That has been going well, but, while she was napping one day, and she was awakened with a neighbor on top of her trying to rape her. She ordered him to leave her home, get out and never come back. She has taken steps since then to insure her continued safety. But again, feelings surfaced about what she might have done differently. We cleared the emotions and thoughts that were connected to that event in about 15 minutes.”

*Post courtesy of Sharon I. Richie-Melvan, Ph.D., Colonel, US Army Retired, Author of Angel Walk: Nurses at War in Iraq and Afghanistan

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