Monday, October 24, 2011

Thank You To The IRRT Community!

Thank you to RRT Certified Practitioners Tara Dickherber, Tamara Ashley, Melinda Paige and Alicia Dorton for assisting Jon at this Atlanta training. Participants at the September Atlanta training had the following to say about their experiences with Dr. Connelly:

"Not what I expected, and I wouldn't have changed the outcome. Perfect!" ~ Vicki VanDeiler, LPC

"Complete paradigm shift on many levels. This training shifted my entire perspective of the therapeutic process. To continue with my old ways of doing therapy would be completely unethical."
~ Deborah Blanchard, LPC

"Undoubtedly the best training I have attended! It will change the way I think about and conduct therapy."
~ Barabar Keown, Ph.D., LPCwth

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