Friday, July 13, 2012

Guest Blogger CP Jacqueline Gibb: The Amazing Brain!

The way the brain/mind works for me is through imagination, creativity, knowledge of books with excellent research to support empirical findings in psychiatry and psychology as well as the beauty of humanitarians and spirituality who have all had a part of touching the human spirit through kindness and compassion.

Our amazing brain/mind is faster than any computer we own, and each one of us have been gifted with our own brain. BRILLANT!

I have witnessed the resiliency of our amazing brains/minds by simply understanding and connecting to another person emotionally. I have witnessed our amazing brains able to delete guilt, shame and reduce sadness through Rapid Resolution Therapy. Brilliant!  With that said our brains can have more room to absorb joy, love, peace, kindness and compassion.

Sometimes our amazing brains can't do this on our own and become "stuck" in our emotional pain. This is when a helping professional can be a good source for your amazing brain/mind. To help your amazing brain be the best it can be taking care of yourself and when in doubt go with your gut and if it doesn't feel right, don't do it.  Stay SAFE first.

The Amazing brain is able to reason and have logic. Superb! The next time you see someone who might be a little different or a lot different, it's ok!  They are as unique as you are. They have an amazing brain/mind too!

Isn't it silly that our society along with other societies have isolated our amazing brain with stigma of mental illness? The only difference between physical pain and emotional pain is that physical pain is with nerve endings that pinpoint the source of our pain in our bodies. Our emotional pain is not as clearly measured yet, but we all feel it. Emotions are good! They let us feel alive, and our emotions let us know when we need some assistance.

Thank you for looking into my amazing brain/mind and seeing how it works!

Jacqueline Gibb, MS, Certified RRT Practitioner, is the founder of the Mental Health Education Foundation with nearly 17 years in the mental health field as well as 33 years in broadcasting, national promotions and television. Jacqueline's knowledge of the media and the mental health field is a rare combination but an important one. Jacqueline's client center care approach balances the respect of individuals going through emotional pain and reaching a better outcome with dignity. For more information, please visit

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