Friday, September 21, 2012

How I Cleared a Perceived "Sex Addict" in Just One Hour!

By Trey Cryer, MS, CAP
            Certified Practitioner, Rapid Resolution Therapy      
My client is a 42-year-old Indian married (separated male) doctor who was recommended to me by his previous alcohol/drug treatment center.  He told me that as a child in India he was used as a "sex toy," and his father did not protect him. Today he craves sex with no preference whether it's with a male or female. To heighten the experience he also uses alcohol and cocaine. For protection from STD's he only does oral sex.

When we met he told me he had been to the best treatment program in America 3 times for 90 days each and was finally told that they could not help him. He kept insisting, "My therapist told me that I am a sex addict."

I asked him if he would be willing to put his previous beliefs in a box for an hour or so. Then I suggested that we look at things a different way that would work better for him. Finally I asked what was troubling him, that if we cleared it, it would make a great difference. He responded, "When I am driving on the thruway and talking to my mother on the phone, I get so angry that I want to go faster and slam into a bridge! I hate that she never made my father protect me when I was a child."

From then on it was easy, using symbolic representation, model, film clips, and an accelerator. Probably the most useful piece then was the "change of internal geography." I followed this with how bad things leave impressions (the hand slamming into the sand), and how the mind perceives bad "stuff" and attaches meanings.

He repeated, "When my mind makes me feel bad, it wants me to do something. The thing it wants me to do is: STOP SOMETHING FROM HAPPENING IN THE WORLD!" I added that the mind sometimes confuses past and present and used the "nothing needs to be done by me! - out of range - does not exist" routine.  I kept reminding him how sharp his mind was, and that he did not have to do anything; his mind did it for him. I showed him several times the "hand fingers energy thing."

He went into a trance easily and responded quickly to suggestions. I took him to his village in India. I did some internal geography reinforcement and "clearing and cleaning" as he went "down and in." I asked him what he experienced. He told me that he saw his entire family standing in front of their cottage in his village, hand in hand, smiling at him. His mother told him to go inside. He opened the door, and the whole cottage radiated in gold and "Jesus was there."

It is now four months later. He has reunited with his wife and children, has had no sexual acting out, attends outpatient group therapy for alcohol/drugs and is abstinent from all drugs and alcohol. I never needed to bring up any of the sex stuff now or when he was a child nor "sex addiction." I chose not to "mine for gold." I thought it was perfect for right now.

Most important: He is clear, clean, light and happy!

Certified RRT Practitioner Trey Cryer, MS, helps his clients to restore a sense of wellbeing within his practice in Delray Beach, FL. As a Certified Addiction Professional since 1975, Trey specializes in addiction treatment, substance and alcohol abuse counseling. Trey also is associated with the oldest private treatment center in Florida, "The Beachcomber," for more than 15 years. To contact Trey, please visit

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