Thursday, November 1, 2012

Practitioner Heals Through RRT!

Yes-Rapid Resolution Therapy was developed by Dr. Jon Connelly, a clinical social worker, his book "Life Changing Conversations" or the cleartrauma website will give you a more informed view of this therapy which involves use of hypnotic techniques in many cases. Some promising research was presented at the US Psychiatric and Mental Health Congress last year and a multi-site study with larger scope involving certified practitioners in this approach is currently underway. Perhaps since RRT was developed by a busy social worker, the value or interest in doing the research has only come in the last few years--as more therapists are being trained and the approach is more standardized.  

While I have been trained in and utilizing CBT and DBT for years, I personally find RRT most effective in treating panic disorder and intrusive emotions and memories tied to traumatic experiences, as my patients have reported a decrease in their symptoms, such as reduction in emotional reactivity, nightmares, flashbacks and improved functioning in fewer sessions. I've trained in this RRT approach since 1993, and have never seen or heard of this approach being harmful. There are numerous single case studies and hours of video and audio recordings of sessions utilized for training mental health professionals. So if there's a researcher interested in understanding more about RRT and making a contribution to the literature, I believe their efforts would help many!  

- Elizabeth A. Michas, Ph.D., Certified Master Practitioner, Fort Walton Beach, FL  

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