Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Share RTR With Fellow Colleagues In This 1-Hour Online Training Presentation

Give your colleagues and new mental health professionals an inside look at how Rapid Trauma Resolution can quickly clear and resolve their client's trauma in this free 1-hour RTR online training video.

Throughout this presentation that Certified Practitioner Courtney Armstrong and Dr. Connelly put together, you will learn:

  • The key to resolving traumatic memories that other therapy approaches are overlooking
  • Neuroscience findings that support RRT's philosophy
  • Multi-level communication techniques that reach both conscious and subconscious
  • How to pinpoint the exact event to target and resolve
  • Cost: Free to mental health professionals!
  • Requirements: You must be a mental health professional. Due to the confidential nature of the material that the client in the video presents, we must restrict this course to mental health professionals.
Visit http://www.cleartrauma.com/video-form2.php to access this free online training video!

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