Monday, February 27, 2012

How RRT Helped Clear, Resolve and Transform 3 of My Clients!

I enjoyed the training thoroughly. Truly, I wasn't positive I'd be able to verbalize it in a way my primary population would understand--I work with 95 percent children and 100 percent special needs). However, even though I'm new and "green" with this technique. So far, so good!

First, I was working with a legally blind 30-plus year old male who had a long history of depression, anxiety and panic attacks. He recently married and is having difficulty adjusting and does not feel confident in his new role. The end result with RRT brought him to tears when he reported feeling happy and positive. He said, "This is crazy, I haven't felt this peace in such a long time!”

Second, I worked with a Gifted and Talented/ Emotionally Disturbed, 11-year old who was diagnosed with School Phobia. He was taking state exams the following week and was worsening the closer date came. The parents waited in lobby. After our session, they said, "Wow! Have we've missed that smile!” They looked puzzled but didn't question the session.

Third, I had an 18-year-old female client who was diagnosed with Noonan Syndrome, Moderate Mental Retardation, low self-esteem and is easily offended (perseverating thought: "thinks people think she's stupid."). Her parent, whom is a Pediatrician, was present entire session. She was amazed with the process and the immediate results. She added, "Even if it wears off at the end of the's worth it! She hasn't stop talking about this topic ever."

Yeah, I'm enjoying witnessing and being a part of the transformation. I'm quite surprised with the lightheartedness and happiness the clients leave with. I'm no different than the parent curious how long the effects will last. Either way, they are better off than before session.

I do plan on attending the next training. I'll register soon!

Thanks for the follow-up, Jon!


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